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Joint diseases are no longer scary! Joint tissue restoration and pain relief is now possible! Cooling gel in sachets Hondrogel is an effective tool for joint health. The drug can be ordered in Spain on the official website.

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Many people know firsthand what joint diseases are.

Competitive athletes, the elderly, people who regularly do heavy physical work, and people with disabilities of the musculoskeletal system know firsthand what joint diseases are.

Why do joint diseases develop

Human joints wear out over time and no longer fully fulfill their functions. Joint dysfunction can be caused by many factors and start at any age. Reasons for this are physical activity, metabolic disorders, lack of exercise, autoimmune processes, excess or lack of synovial fluid.

Type of joint disease Features of the
Flammable Arthritis, tendonitis, tendovaginitis, periarthritis, bursitis, synovitis. Over time, almost all components of the joint are affected - synovial fluid, cartilage, bone tissue, ligaments and tendons.
Degenerative-dystrophic Slow cartilage breakdown, bone deformation, muscle weakness. The group includes osteoarthritis, deforming osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis.
Autoimmune They arise due to an insufficient response of the immune system to negative factors. Instead of destroying the stimulus, it begins to attack the body's own cells.
Contagious They arise as a result of the multiplication of bacteria, viruses, fungi that have penetrated the joint cavity. Often develop against the background of respiratory, intestinal, urogenital infections.
Purulent With infectious arthritis, synovitis, bursitis, purulent exudate accumulates in the joint cavity. Its entry into the bloodstream can cause sepsis.

To avoid complications and the development of these diseases, you should pay attention to the condition of your joints and use prophylactic and therapeutic means.

Synovial fluid for joint health

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are the main components that affect the health of the entire musculoskeletal system, but above all the composition of the synovial fluid. The production of these components in the body naturally decreases over time, which affects the qualitative and quantitative composition of the synovial fluid and thus the function of the joints.

Synovial fluid is an elastic mass that fills the joint cavity. It acts as a shock absorber, is responsible for the mobility of the joints, nourishes the cartilage and prevents friction between the joint elements.

Hondrogel - the best remedy for restoring synovial fluid

Hondrogel contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, which restore the synovial membrane

Hondrogel is a cooling gel pouch for the treatment of joints. The gel can compensate for the lack of substances necessary for the normal function of the joints. The gel consists of a carefully balanced composition of natural and synthetic components based on hyaluronic acid, collagen and methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM).

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are natural components of the synovial fluid. With age, their production slows down, which affects the state of the entire organism.

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its ability to moisturize and attract fluids, and when deficient, tissue thins, friction and pain occur. The high hyaluronic acid content of Hondrogel helps to improve the quality and quantity of the synovial fluid, to strengthen the cartilage and to relieve pain.

Collagen is also important for normal joint function. It is a binding protein that serves as a building block for bones, cartilage and ligaments. After 25 years, the body's collagen production decreases and the risk of fractures, dislocations and injuries increases. Filling up the collagen deficiency with Hondrogel gel helps to form a cartilage skeleton, increase bone density, and keep the elasticity and extensibility of the ligaments at the right level.

Gel effect Hondrogel

Cooling gel with sachets Hondrogel has a positive effect on the condition of the joints. The agent has the following effects on the joints:

Restoration of joint tissue and relief of pain with Hondrogel Gel is possible! After using the product, there is a significant relief of the condition, and after a treatment - a noticeable improvement in joint work. You can only order Hondrogel gel in Spain from the official website.

Gel composition Hondrogel

In addition to collagen and hyaluronic acid, Hondrogel Gel contains natural ingredients and important chemical elements. All artificial components of the Hondrogel preparation are as close as possible to the biological composition and have the same effect on the body as naturally produced substances.

The gel contains collagen, which increases the elasticity and strength of the joints

The Hondrogel contains:

You can buy a cooling gel in a sachet Hondrogel in Spain on the official website for the price of 39 €, what is the cost in other countries. Restore the health of your joints with Hondrogel Gel!

Doctor's review

Doctor The surgeon Andri Andri
The surgeon
23 years old
Patients with joint problems often come to me. These are usually the elderly, but patients under 35 are not uncommon either. I often diagnose inflammation as well as degenerative changes. The cooling gel in the bag Hondrogel is a universal product. I recommend it for treatment to both my regular patients and those who came to me for the first time. It is also good for preventing joint diseases that are genetically predisposed. It is a really effective drug, one of the best available in Spain.